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Introducing Our Vintage Black Heroes Line Featuring The Chisholm Kid Vintage Black Comic Images

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The Chisholm Kid was the first Black Cowboy to be featured in a comic strip.

The Chisholm Kid was also one of the first Black heroes to appear in a comic strip.

The Chisholm Kid was a new comic strip created for the Pittsburgh Courier’s new color comic section that premiered on August 19, 1950. The color comic section was produced by the Smith-Mann Syndicate and only appeared in the Pittsburgh Courier, one of the biggest Black newspapers in the country at that time.

The Chisholm Kid was part of a quartet of Vintage Black Heroes, along with Guy Fortune, Mark Hunt and Neil Knight, that appeared in the color comic section.

As with many of the other comic strips, The Chisholm Kid outlasted the color section, which ended in 1954, and was demoted to daily-style black and white format. The Kid rode into the sunset on August 11, 1956.

The Chisholm Kid Story:

  • Lone Fighter For Justice For All
  • Then known as Rod Stone, he was an outrider with a wagon train on the Chisholm Trail
  • In a mountain pass, he led the wagons in a race for open ground, running a gauntlet of hostile comanches

The Chisholm Kid pays homage to the 5,000 to 9,000 Black Cowboys that drove cattle along the Chisholm Trail from Texas to Kansas after the Civil War.

The strip was by Carl Pfeufer. His credits include the Flash Gordon clone Don Dixon, done for the Brooklyn Eagle-based Watkins Syndicate, and Bantam Prince for the New York Herald-Tribune Syndicate.


The Museum Of UnCut Funk has acquired the exclusive licensing rights for merchandise featuring The Chisholm Kid, which can be found in under our Vintage Black Heroes brand in our Museum Of UnCut Funk Store.

Please join us in celebrating the 65th anniversary of The Chisholm Kid in 2015!!

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